About AViCAD

AViCAD offers a comprehensive CAD Software and Engineering package. The bundle consists of 2D & 3D CAD software (which is AutoCAD®-compatible) plus Mech-Q, a set of engineering tools which contains Mechanical, Piping, HVAC and Structural design.

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Here’s what some users have said about our software ..

We have proved over time and time again that we are more efficient drawing our pipe systems using Mech-Q than with Autodesk’s Inventor…
Alan Mullin, Cheshire, UK (Mech-Q user for 10 years)

… this is the most functional toolbox for all engineering disciplines I have ever been privilege in using. Thank you for your wonderful product!
John Lovin, GA USA

…thank you for saving me so much time …
Ian Pike, QLD Australia

An excellent, excellent mechanical program! …
Ray Gardner, NY USA

…I am very, very happy … I can really appreciate the amount of work you have invested in Mech-Q and what impresses me even more…
Waldman Roland, Belgium

Thanks for supporting your product. This is the best program that I have used and you keep improving it.
John Grooms, TN USA

I can’t believe I worked for so many years without software like this!”
Greg Fry, CA USA

AViCAD is owned and operated by CADavenue. Our clients are involved in commercial, food & beverage, petrochemical, biotechnology, heavy industry, marine, mining, military, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, energy generation and various other markets.

For more information about the company, latest news, and purchasing information, visit CADavenue.com on the Web at www.cadavenue.com.