What are the minimum requirements for AViCAD?

Microsoft Windows® XP though Windows 11® – plus a Intel processor or AMD equivalent w/ 2-4 GB RAM (minimum recommended). 4 GB+ of hard disk space also required.

What’s included with AViCAD?

AViCAD is a complete CAD package which includes a popular Plant Design solution that integrates into the toolbar. With AViCAD you will receive both the 2D/ 3D CAD and all the tools needed to complete your Mechanical / Engineering projects.

Will AViCAD work with my AutoCAD® files?

Yes it directly supports AutoCAD® DWG files, from AutoCAD® 2.5 through AutoCAD® 2021. AViCAD is powered by IntelliCAD, one of the leaders of the CAD industry.

Will I need to convert my drawings to share with my clients?

No, AViCAD uses the original format DWG by default. It offers complete compatibility with AutoCAD® without any file conversion or data loss. AViCAD also allows you to export drawing files to DXF format if needed.

I’m an AutoCAD® user. Will I need to relearn anything?

No, there is very little difference between AutoCAD® and AViCAD. It looks and feels just AutoCAD® using icons and commands you are accustomed to. It also has built-in 3D modeling capabilities, XREF-ing and more.

Can AViCAD be used for more that just Mechanical drawings?

Yes, AViCAD contains is complete 2D and 3D design software useful for any CAD field. Besides Plant Design and mechanical drawings it can also be used to for other industries such as AEC and Civil Engineering for example. In our Pro version we also supply you with 20,000 blocks from various industries (not just mechanical).

Can I customize AViCAD easily?

Yes, AViCAD uses AutoCAD®-style command lines that can be used with scripts and extensions like VBA & AutoLISP, C++ programming. AViCAD also supports SHX fonts.

What sort of support options are included?

New licenses include 2 months free support.
 If needed we also offer remote assistance for installations. Extended support is also available when purchasing our product for a minimal fee.

I would like to try your software. Can I download it?

Yes, you can download the full version for FREE. There is  no obligation, or credit info required. AViCAD is a fully functional thirty day trial.

How can I purchase an AViCAD license?

We have 3 purchase options all with priority support. Let us know if you have any questions.