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CAD Software for engineers built by engineers

Welcome to AViCAD, a simple and affordable CAD solution built explicitly for engineers by engineers.

AViCAD is not just another CAD program; it's a powerful AutoCAD substitute offering everything you expect from high-end CAD software but with greater affordability and user-friendly features.

AutoCAD®-like software at a quarter the price

AViCAD is a software similar to AutoCAD® but only costs a quarter of the price and comes with many tools.

Are you tired of overpriced and over-complicated CAD software? Are you sick of paying for subscriptions costing you thousands of dollars annually?

AViCAD is powerful CAD software that is easy to learn and use, making it an excellent choice for experienced and novice users. 

How customers have benefited from AViCAD

  • Just like AutoCAD

    “When my projects are completed, I simply save the file, and just like AutoCAD I can share it with my consultants. Love it.”

  • Quite impressed!

    I have sold, trained, and used CAD for over 50 years. Started with Intergraph, who sold MicroStation then Autocad, Dassault etc. I am quite impressed!

  • Wonderful engineering software

    All the tools I need to get my engineering projects finished. Thanx for your wonderful engineering software.

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    Piping Drawing
    Structural Steel Drawing
    Pump and Tank Drawing

    What's inside AViCAD?

    Our AViCAD Plus version brings extra utilities you won't find elsewhere, like PDF to DXF Converter, Step/Iges converters, Massive Block Libraries, and more, making it the most comprehensive AutoCAD® alternative available.

  • Cleaner than Autocad

    I love this software. It loads quickly, is faster and cleaner than Autocad, has more useful add ons for real world work and I just deleted 50GB more of Autocad files.

  • Enjoying every minute of it

    We purchased AViCAD when it first released and have been using it ever since. We’re free from expensive updates from “big A” and enjoying every minute of it.

  • Still be saving money

    With the money saved by switching to AVICad I’m getting a new CAD laptop and I’ll still be saving money over AutoCAD subscriptions!

    • Complete Ownership As Low As

      Perpetual / Non-Subscription
      AViCAD 2024

      Perpetual licensing is available. You own the license outright.

      • AViCAD 2D/3D
      • Mech-Q Suite
      • Free updates wi AViCAD 2024 **
      • 12 months of maintenance
      • Standard and Plus versions are available.
    • Minimal Investment As Low As

      AViCAD 2024

      Simply affordable. Yearly licenses also available.

      • AViCAD 2D/3D
      • Mech-Q Suite
      • Bonus Tools
      • Free updates while subscribed
      • Plus version included
      • No contract

    Even more extra features available

    The Plus version contains the PDF to DWG, Solidworks import-export, 3D PDF, Easyarch, and the Icadlibrary.

    2D Drawing Of Pipe
    3D Drawing Of Pipe


    What’s required to run AViCAD?

    AViCAD is compatible with a wide range of Windows® operating systems, from XP to Windows 11. It requires an Intel Pentium® or more powerful processor, at least 1 GB RAM (2 or more GB recommended), and 1+ GB of hard disk space, making it very easy to get started with various hardware setups.

    I’m new to CAD. Is AViCAD for me?
    Absolutely! AViCAD, a user-friendly and the best AutoCAD alternative is perfect for beginners. Our intuitive tools and comprehensive training resources, including videos and a beginner’s CAD course, make it easy to start your CAD journey.
    I have AutoCAD. Are the Mech-Q tools available separately?

    Yes, our Mech-Q tools, known for their ease of use in piping design and more, are available as an add-on for AutoCAD® and other CAD applications. Ask our support staff about more integrations.

    Why do users choose AViCAD as their AutoCAD alternative?

    Users prefer AViCAD because it offers the closest experience to AutoCAD, with DWG as its native file type. It provides seamless reading and writing in DWG file formats, including older types, making it ideal for those seeking a familiar yet cost-effective CAD platform.

    How does AViCAD convert AutoCAD files?

    AViCAD uses DWG as its native file format, enabling it to open, edit, and save any DWG file created by AutoCAD® (version 2.5 to 2024) without any conversion or data loss, ensuring a smooth transition for AutoCAD users.

    Is the Mech-Q Suite free with AViCAD?

    Yes, the Mech-Q Suite is included with AViCAD at no additional cost. This suite, priced at $899, adds immense value, reinforcing AViCAD as a top-tier and cost-effective alternative to AutoCAD.

    Can I import my existing AutoCAD projects?

    AViCAD allows you to import and work on your existing AutoCAD projects without losing any data or detail, ensuring a seamless transition to our more affordable and robust platform.

    Yes, the Mech-Q Suite is included with AViCAD at no additional cost. This suite, priced at $899, adds immense value, reinforcing AViCAD as a top-tier and cost-effective alternative to AutoCAD.

    How does it compare with AutoCAD?

    AViCAD has many of the same features as AutoCAD, including advanced 2D and 3D modeling. Our HVAC, structural, and piping tools are unique additional features. This makes AViCAD not just an alternative but, in many ways, a better choice for CAD engineers.

    Is technical support available for AViCAD users?

    We provide comprehensive technical support for all our users. Our team is dedicated to assisting you with questions or issues, ensuring a very productive AViCAD experience.

    Is there a learning curve in switching from AutoCAD?

    While any new software has a learning curve, AViCAD’s interface and functionality are designed to be familiar to AutoCAD users. Most find the transition smooth and straightforward, with our extensive video library and support, which will further ease the process.

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    See why AViCAD is your best AutoCAD® alternative.
    Take AViCAD for a test drive, free for 30 days. No CC required.

    AViCAD DWG's work with many file types

    Have a look at what AViCAD offers:

    • Opens DWG’s right away without any additional steps
    • 3D modeling, XREFing, AutoLISP and PDF printing
    • Mech-Q with 2D/3D AutoCAD-Like objects
    • Architectural 2D/ 3D **
    • Express Tools with short-cuts for common tasks
    • Top ribbon tab interface or classic interface
    • Import your vectored PDF into AViCAD DWG **
    • Support for IGES, STEP and Solidworks **
    • High Resolution PDFs with vectored output
    • Advanced Grips 

    ** available in the Plus version

    Extra CAD tools are available in the Plus– your best AutoCAD® alternative.

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    CAD File Types

    AViCAD Exports to PDF, DXF, DWF/DWF, STL,STP, IGS, SAT, 3DS, OBJ, POV, LWO, MA, DAE, DGN, WMF, BMP, EMF and SVG file types. AViCAD Imports DXF, DWF, STEP, IGES Import, sldprt part files and . sldasm assembly files , SHP, 3DS, DGN (Microstation), LWO, OBJ(Wavefront), STL, RGT, IFC (BIM), POINT CLOUDS ReCap®

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