The best value of any CAD software on the market, period.

AViCAD empowers you like no other CAD software.

Complete 2D & 3D

AViCAD is award winning plant and piping software which contains architectural tools, advanced publishing tools and more to get the job done fast.

Very affordable

Produce professional CAD drawings with very little upfront investment. AViCAD is just a fraction of the price of AutoCAD® and loaded with lots of tools.

Writes to DWG

By default AViCAD writes to AutoCAD® DWG. Our software delivers the best CAD compatibility to ensures unrivaled compatibility with all AutoCAD® releases.

Own it or subscribe

You can choose to own the license or rent. We offer Perpetual, Yearly or Monthly subscriptions at a price to fit any budget. Try AViCAD today. No CC is required.

How you will benefit from using AViCAD

Extremely Economical

AViCAD licenses are available as perpetual or subscription. With Perpetual licenses, upgrading to the latest version is always optional. Use it for as long as you require.

Mech-Q Full Suite

Instantly become productive using our Piping, Mechanical, HVAC and Structural Tools, called Mech-Q. This engineering suite is included in both AviCAD and AViCAD Plus.

Unlimited Support

AViCAD offers free technical support for as long as you need it. Essential CAD classes, video tutorials and a help library are included and available anytime you need them.


AViCAD is a great AutoCAD® alternative. Most all the commands are the same and the interface is nearly identical, so you will feel right at home.

No Credit Card Required

AViCAD 2021 releases with even more features and faster performance. Mech-Q Suite is also included along with Architectural tools and a 20K block library available in the Plus version. Get it now.

When my projects are completed, I simply save the file and just like AutoCAD I can share it with my consultants. Love it.


We purchased AViCAD when it first released and have been using it ever since. We’re free from expensive updates from “big A” and enjoying every minute of it.

Mark Simmons, Verona WI

Even more extra features available

Our AViCAD Plus version ships with many add-on utilities like PDF to DXF Converter,
Step/Iges converters, Massive Block Libraries and much more.

3D PDF export tool

View and manipulate your 3D model right inside your PDF, no CAD software required on receiving end. A free PDF Reader is all you need.

2D/3D Architectural Tools

AViCAD Plus automates the drawing process with wall, window, door, roofs and stair utilities. If you are looking to add architectural elements into your drawing its no problem.

Massive Block Library

20,000 blocks are available within AViCAD Plus – all organize into a block manager which includes Electrical, Mechanical, Architectural symbols and more. Add you own too.

File Converters

AViCAD Plus ships with PDF to DXF Converter, a STEP/Iges converter, a 3D PDF generator and a high-resolution vector PDF printer is in-built.

all the tools I need to get my engineering projects finished. Thanx for your wonderful engineering software!

R Goodman, PA USA

We purchased AViCAD when it first released and have been using it ever since. We’re free from expensive updates from “big A” and enjoying every minute of it.

Mark Simmons, Verona WI

Perpetual and subscriptions licensing available

What’s inside AViCAD 2021?

Please Note: The features below now available!

We are happy to announce that AViCAD 2021 is loaded with new features. It’s a true work horse with added reliability and increased performance.

Have a look at what AViCAD offers

  • Powered by IntelliCAD 9.2a

Powered by IntelliCAD and is compatible all versions of AutoCAD.

  • Ribbon switching

Just like AutoCAD – AViCAD has a top ribbon with tab interface.

  • Now switch to Classic, Beginner and 2D Annotation

Quick switch to Classic view to turn off Ribbon if desired.

  • New PDF 2 CAD converter (Plus version)

Save and import your vectored PDF into AViCAD DWG

  • Fully compatible with Windows 64 bit and 32 bit

AViCAD 2021 will be even faster than previous versions.

  • IGES, STEP and Solidworks export/import (Plus version)

Work with IGES, STEP and Solidworks files easily

  • High quality PDF printer

High Resolution PDF Printer added with vectored output

  • Advanced Grips

For polyline and hatch, middle grip, edit menu

And many more features now available!

File Formats In AViCAD


  • Windows® XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
  • Intel Pentium® or more powerful processor
  • 1 GB RAM (minimum), 2 or more GB (recommended)
  • 1 GB of hard disk space

The best value of any CAD software on the market, period.

  • Get 2D/3D functionality at a price you can afford
  • Includes 3D modeling, XREFing, AutoLISP and PDF printing
  • Opens DWG’s right away without any additional steps
  • Interface is very “AutoCAD® Like” and allow you transition easily from expensive CAD software into a cost effective CAD software.
  • Includes popular engineering add-on Mech-Q with 2D/3D piping, ducting, structural and mechanical
  • Also includes bonus “Express Tools” in order to provide you with short-cuts for common design tasks
  • Our Plus version includes options like PDF to CAD, Solidworks import/ export, a block manager pre-populated with 20k+ blocks and a 3D architectural utility to easily draw windows, doors and roofs
  • Plus any more reasons to switch to AViCAD
AViCAD Compatability

Already have CAD?

Our piping design software and other Mech-Q tools are also available as an add-on for AutoCAD plus other applications.

No Credit Card Required