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We offer a compete CAD Solution with engineering tools and more....

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What make’s AViCAD Different?

AViCAD empowers you like no other CAD software.

AViCAD is a complete 2D & 3D CAD solution. It not only includes award winning plant and piping software but also contains 2D and 3D architectural tools, advanced publishing tools and more to get the job done fast.

AViCAD also writes to AutoCAD® DWG file type using the latest technology. Our software delivers the best CAD compatibility. This ensures unrivaled compatibility with AutoCAD® without any file conversion or drawing information loss.

AViCAD exports files to older CAD versions as well. You can export your drawing files to any previous AutoCAD® versions, both in older DWG formats or in DXF format if you are collaborating with a user using a non-AutoCAD® system.

AViCAD is affordable and offers AutoCAD® compatabilty at a fraction of the price. You'll be able to produce professional CAD drawings, Engineering drawings ... you name it ... very quickly with very little investment.  

Extra features we included for free:

  • The New AViCAD Ribbon
    The New AViCAD Ribbon
    You will find that AViCAD is very AutoCAD-like. Our latest version now supports a new Menu interface called the Ribbon, which is also...
  • Mech-Q Piping Schematic
    Mech-Q Full Suite Included
    A full set of Piping, Mechanical, HVAC and Structural Tools, called Mech-Q, is also included with AviCAD that integrates directly into the top......
  • 3d-plan-architectural
    2D/3D Architectural Tools Included
    Are you an architect or designer looking to increase productivity? AViCAD automates the drawing process with wall, window, door, roofs and stair utilities...
  • iCADLib For AViCAD
    20,000+ Symbols Included
    A new block library will boost blocks retrieval and insertion. +20,000 blocks are inside the library - plus this module allows easy...
  • 3D PDF Export
    3D PDF Export
    We are happy to let you know about a little gem you’ll find inside AViCAD called 3D PDF Export. It unleashes alot of...
AViCAD 2020 releases with even more features and faster performance. Mech-Q Suite is also included along with Architectural tools and a 20K block library. Get it now.

With AViCAD it’s all about the FREE options.


all the tools I need to get my engineering projects finished. Thanx for your wonderful engineering software!

R Goodman, PA USA


  • Windows® XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
  • Intel Pentium® or more powerful processor
  • 1 GB RAM (minimum), 2 or more GB (recommended)
  • 1 GB of hard disk space

AViCAD is now available for download.

  • True 64 Bit and Multicore support
  • Windows "Ribbon Style" user interface
  • Many more features
AViCAD Compatability

Already have CAD?

Our piping design software and other Mech-Q tools are also available as an add-on for AutoCAD plus other applications.

When my projects are completed, I simply save the file and just like AutoCAD I can share it with my consultants. Love it.

Pete S. GA USA

We purchased AViCAD when it first released and have been using it ever since. We're free from expensive updates from "big A" and enjoying every minute of it.

Mark Simmons, Verona WI


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