CAD Software for Engineers

Note: Mech-Q is included with all versions of AViCAD.

AViCAD is a complete 2D & 3D AutoCAD-Like CAD software.

When you purchase AViCAD you’ll receive our Mech-Q engineering Suite FREE. The Mech-Q engineering package alone is valued at $899.

Mech-Q provides the essential engineering tools for mechanical engineers and designers who work on various mechanical designs.

With Mech-Q you can draw 2D drawings or complex models in 3D. 

Mech-Q tools ribbon inside of AViCAD

Mech-Q Engineering Software Includes:

Piping Software Module  – includes a comprehensive range of pipe, fittings, flanges, and valves: Welded, flanged, threaded, ductile & cast iron, victaulic, stainless, PVC…with auto-BOM and many other utilities. Piping engineers and inspectors will appreciate how Mech-Q can complete their job using industry standards.

Mechanical Software Module – includes a range of mechanical symbols & housings, gears, plus much more. The Mechanical Module includes advanced tools such as material handling items (conveyor rolls, sprockets, Trajectory calculator..), springs, shafts utility, and most modules drawn in 2D or 3D.

HVAC Software Module  – includes rectangular, round, and flat oval ducting with auto-BOM, auto-label, and flat sheet development. Our HVAC module includes duct transitions, tees & wyes, offsets, branches, dampers, diffusers, flexible ducts, grills, and other accessories. Using Mech-Q’s parametric modeling tools. HVAC users be able to input their Mechanical designs with ease.

Structural Software Module – allows you to quickly create steel stairs, details, shapes, and more. The Structural Module also includes beam connections, ladders, bracing, hand railing, frames, and a beam designer — many with auto-dimensioning to fabrication detail. Mech-Q can also create 3D models of steel shapes and stairs. 3D objects are assembled based on simple parametric modeling dialogs.

Easily Collaborate With Other Professionals 

One of the key advantages of Mech-Q engineering tools is their integration with other CAD programs. Since Mech-Q creates AutoCAD-like objects, engineers can share engineering drawings without any data conversion or loss.

With AViCAD’s ability to export to various file formats, such as assorted versions or DWG, DXF, STP, and DGN, to name a few, CAD users can share their 2D and 3D designs more efficiently.

Mech-Q offers advanced features that go beyond the capabilities of most standard CAD programs. Engineers can create detailed and realistic representations of their projects using AViCAD’s shade and rendering tools.