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AViCAD Updates

We are proud to announce the latest version of AViCAD – it’s a true work horse with added reliability and increased performance. We continue to offer unparalleled compatibility (no DWG file conversion required) with AutoCAD® and Direct Modeling using it’s built-in native .dwg format.

AViCAD 2020 is now available.. Those who purchased/upgraded 2019 after March 15th, 2019 will receive 2020 at no cost.

See what’s in AViCAD 2020.

Other recent AViCAD updates now available

  • Powered by IntelliCAD 

Powered by IntelliCAD and is compatible all versions of AutoCAD.

  • Fully compatible with Windows 64 bit

64 bit will be 1.5 to 3x faster than previous versions.

  • Ribbon GUI

Just like AutoCAD – AViCAD has a top ribbon with tab interface.

  • Switch to Classic

Quick switch to Classic view to turn off Ribbon if desired.

  • Tables styles and calculations

Save and load your settings for tables, also perform calculations**.

  • Workspaces

Added support for workspaces and customizatiom

  • Advanced Grips

For polyline and hatch, middle grip, edit menu

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  • DWGConverter

External tool for conversions between different DWG file versions

  • Import/Export Collada

New support for .dae file type used in SketchUp,  3DS Max etc.

  • Improved support for DGN overlays

Civil3D, ADT, and mechanical object enablers

  • Improved Open .dgn files

Now converting them to .dwg files

  • New Set to ByLayer command


  • Print or plot transparency of images


  • Match Properties Options

Added dialog box


For faster typing in the command bar

  • Updated status bar

Added icons and new features

  • New ability to print to DWF/DWFx files

Such as PC3 Printers

  • New ability to print to PNG & JPG files

Such as PC3 Printers

  • New Refedit Preview Dialog

Improved editing

  • Dynamic block updated

Improved grip editing for dynamic blocks

  • Added color assignments

Modify for various screen items

  • Added support for MrSID MG4

Allow attachment of compressed raster images

  • All color-related system variables

Support for RGB and index color value

  • Added .NET API

User drawing interaction support, AutoCAD compatible

  • New Commands added:


  • Improved commands:


  • New Express Tools:

Since 2010, AViCAD has offered high-quality CAD software with distinctive AutoCAD-like features and similar commands and toolbars.

Join thousands of engineers, surveyors architects, builders, landscape designers, manufacturers, professionals and even hobbyists, who choose AViCAD as the #1 affordable AutoCAD alternative.

Just like AutoCAD, AViCAD Pro also has a major release beginning of each year. Users who are on a maintenance plan are eligible for a free upgrade.

Purchase the new AViCAD 2020 today and receive a free updates within 2020 for a full year. Get it now.

Lifetime License $799   Only $699 expires soon  
EasyPay Subscription also available Get AViCAD
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