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Above is a 7-minute video that explains what’s inside AViCAD and why you should choose it.

AViCAD is your perfect AutoCAD alternative!

denotes features in the Plus version

Feature Comparison
Native DWG
DWG for AutoCAD® version 2.5 to 2022
DWG Recovery
Classic Toolbars and Ribbon GUI support
Contextual Ribbons
Tables creation/editing
Tables Styles
Mechanical, Piping, HVAC & Structural Plugin
20,000+ Block Library (Architectural, Electrical + more)
EasyArch 3D (Architectural plugin)
Export to DWF
Workspaces Support
Export Interactive 3D PDF
STL and Collada (DAE) Export
Edit multiple drawings
User Profiles support
Multiple Paper Spaces (layouts)
AutoCAD® 3D surface commands
ACIS viewing
Full ACIS modeling & editing
Perspective image correction
XRef Manager
Fade for Xref, Locked Layer and Refedit
MTEXT support via external editor
Hatch editing
Tool Palettes
Default Layer for Hatches and Dimensions
Lineweights (display and print)
Arc Aligned Text
Quick Dimension
Drawing Fields
Raster Image Display (image management)
PDF, DWF, DGN Underlay
Image polygonal clip
PDF to DWG Converter with a one click conversion
Numbered Markers (Bubbles / Balloons)
Loft and Helix commands
Image menu
CTB color table files
STB style table files
Graphical Block Preview
PLOT command
Publish (Batch Plot)
AutoCAD® Command Line
AutoCAD® menu and script files
Explorer for managing layers, blocks, line types
Object Properties toolbar
Edit properties of multiple entries
Properties palette
Apparent & Extended intersection snap
Polar Tracking
Express Tools
Refedit ( Edit locally individual objects within a Block)
Layer Manager ( Save and Restore Layers configurations)
In-Place Text Editor
Visual Menu Customization
ActiveX, including in-place editing
IRX – similar to ARX – SDS/ADS C++
Solutions Development System (SDS/ADS C++)
AutoLISP (including DCL)
Script Recorder
COM support
Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
External VBA file loading (multiple .vbi)
JPG print
PDF and PDF/A print
True Type Font
Annotative Objects
PC3 Support
CUI menu support
Dynamic Input
Integrated Cloud Service
Find & Replace
Native ECW support
Native Jpeg support
True color support
Slope linetype (topographic)
Import IGES, STEP and Solidworks files

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