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Announcing AViCAD 2020

We are happy to announce AViCAD 2020 is now available.. This version is is now available for download.

AViCAD 2020 delivers many improvements and exciting features and is based on the  IntelliCAD 9 CAD engine .

AViCAD 2020 releases with even more features and faster performance. Mech-Q Suite is also included along with Architectural tools and a 20K block library. Get it now.

What’s new in AViCAD 2020?

(These features is now available for download.)

Compatible with AutoCAD® DWG 2020 + supports earlier file versions.

Reads and writes standard DWF 2D/3D files faster than ever before.

Supports the latest Windows 10 release and earlier Windows versions.

New Tool Palettes for Blocks, Hatches and frequently used Commands.

New Block Editor (_BEDIT command).

New Blocks Palette with drag and drop support.

Print 3d Hidden Silhouette for clean 3D prints using Hidden Visual Style.

Xref Notify: the control of updated or missing xrefs.

Construction Line Command Similar to the infinite line in 3D space.

Digital signatures to .dwg files: a digital signature certifies the author of a file.

New Express Tools: Texts Align, Automated Dimensions, Reorganize Dimensions.

Property Panel Tree: the new selection control to view selected entities in a tree list.

Digital signatures to .dwg files: a digital signature certifies the author of a file.

Specified angle in the three-dimensional space and extending to infinity in both directions.

Properties local editing ( highlighting/modifications based on the tree selection). Publish restyling: the redesigned user interface; new features in the print settings.

Custom Folders preset: adding of your most frequently used folders to the open/save dialog. Quick access to your disks/network.

Formula in Tables: table cells can contain formulas that do calculations related to the values in other table cells.

SysVarMonitor: monitoring of a list of system variables with notifications sent when some variable on the list is modified.

Improved PDF export with more options available, such as making exported text searchable, the DPI setting for exported images and hatches, hyperlinks export, linearized .pdf files, and more.

 Support for BIM file types: import/attach IFC and Revit® files as underlays (.rvt/.rfa,ifc file types). Use with RVTPANE command to open the Categories pane for visibility control.

Improved support of PointCloud with ReCAP files (.rcp/.rcs).


Plus a whole lot more…

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Why choose AViCAD?

With AViCAD, engineers, architects and designers have a professional yet affordable perpetual-license alternative to rigid high-cost AutoCAD subscription options.

AViCAD is an all in one CAD application with the ability to create, read, write and edit native AutoCAD DWG and DXF files just like AutoCAD.

AViCAD save you thousands and offers more tools than standard “vanilla” CAD.

Try AViCAD Free

To try AViCAD free for a month. For questions about our free 2020 promotion please contact us for more at 888-271-7121 or visit our help desk today.

Purchase the new AViCAD 2020 today and receive a free updates within 2020 for a full year. Get it now.

Multiple purchases and Network license upgrades are welcome and qualify for the same free 2020 upgrade. Special pricing can be found here. For larger offices a Network Version is also available.

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New look and feel

Tool Palettes & Block Manager

Includes Mech-Q Tools: Piping, Structural Ducting and Mechanical

Export and Import to many file types

Easier Paper Space editing with Vpmax

Toolbars & Ribbon Lock

Read other recent AViCAD improvements we’ve released this year.

See also our change log (updated November 2018, for detailed list of improvements.


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