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AViCAD 2025 has even more features and faster performance. Mech-Q Suite is also included. Get it now.

How AViCAD Can Help:

  • AViCAD includes Mech-Q, a full suite of engineering tools integrated at no extra cost.
  • AViCAD uses DWG as its native format and is fully compatible with AutoCAD.
  • AViCAD has a familiar user interface that reduces learning curves and training time.
  • AViCAD supports both 2D drawing and 3D modeling.
  • AViCAD comes packed with extensive tools for architectural and engineering designs.
  • AViCAD includes features that convert PDF files directly into editable DWG drawings.
  • AViCAD includes a set of enhanced tools known as Express Tools.
  • AViCAD is regularly updated to improve its capabilities and compatibility.
  • AViCAD offers flexible licensing options, allowing users to choose what fits their budget and needs best.
  • AViCAD can be updated within the 2025 version free within 1 year after purchase.


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AViCAD is a cost-effective CAD software with robust engineering, architectural, and drafting tools.

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All versions (above) contain the PDF to DWG, Solidworks import-export, 3D PDF, Easyarch, and Icadlibrary. The Mech-Q Suite is always included.

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