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Ways you can collaborate with AViCAD

10 ways to send your files

Drawing File Type- DWG
dwg compatibleAViCAD natively saves you files to DWG format and lets you export drawing files in earlier AutoCAD versions as well if working with clients with older CAD versions.

DXF File Type
dxf compatibleDXF also called Drawing Interchange Format, is a reliable way to share your files with most all CAD programs – just click on it and it loads right up.

Save to the Cloud
cloud compatibleCloud storage allows you to both share and store your date online and offsite so that it can be accessed anywhere you are.

PDF Acrobat File Type
PDF compatibleWithin AViCAD you can print to a Printer called PDF. This allows you to create documents anyone can read. Perfect for emailing and plan checking.

PDF 3D interactive Type
pdf3dWe also include a unique way to share you 3D models within a PDF. They can be rotated within the PDF file, even shaded plus more.

3D printer support
3d printer compatibleAViCAD also supports 3D Printing. Print objects using STL files management for optimal output to 3D printers.

Package up your project with eTransmit
EtransmitA utility we provide to create a transmittal package. This will include reference files, plot styles, reference paths, material textures, etc.

3D Studio support
3d studio compatibleExport your drawing to 3D Studio format, a high performance rendering solution.

Create BMP files
BMP compatibleAlso known as bitmap image file. This file type is a raster graphics image file format which is best know to Microsoft Windows OS.

Create WMF files
WMF compatibleYou can also export your dwg’s as Windows Metafiles(WMF). This is a small portable file that an even be inserted to an MS Word document.

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