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20,000+ Symbols Included

20,000+ Symbols Included

Announcing –  A New Block Explorer for AViCAD – With Over 20,000 CAD Blocks!

iCADLib will become your perfect everyday companion for blocks management. The iCADLib module included in AViCAD Pro contains more than 20,000 2D/3D blocks.

Easy management of your existing blocks

Our built-in block library easy to use interface will boost blocks retrieval and insertion. Besides the +22.000 iCADLib blocks inside the library – this module also allow easy management of your existing blocks libraries and standards.

Click to play 2 minute video, use < or > to rewind/ forward or spacebar to pause.

Click to play 6 minute video, use < or > to rewind/ forward or spacebar to pause.

Block Explorer for AViCAD Pro provides an intuitive Explorer like interface to add, catalog, access, manipulate, modify and administer your blocks and symbols within the program interface.

Purchase our Block Library for AViCAD (For free-upgrade customers only)

Blocks Included With AViCAD Professional Include:

– Electrical Diagrams
– Hydraulic Fluids and Pneumatics
– Steel Profiles and Sections
– ANSI-ISO and DIN-ISO Mechanics
– ANSI and IEC Electrical
– Architectural
– Furniture 3D
– Stage Lighting
– Kitchen
– and many more…

Adding Your Own Blocks

Along with the thousands of symbols you receive with this Block Manager you can add your own as well. You can classify your custom blocks by logical groups using library folders. Just import Dwg files or blocks from currently open drawing into selected library with automatic slide generation.

Advanced Manipulation

In addition you can adjust blocks using Angle Rotate, Scale and Mirror option on selected blocks. Block Explorer will use standard associated with current drawing to automatically place it on correct Layer with appropriate Color and Linetype.

100 Million More If Needed

When you subscribe to the Block Explorer you also have access to a free AutoCAD block repository which includes millions more professionally drawn blocks of all types!


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