Top 10 reasons to choose AViCAD

Below are the Top 10 reasons why our AViCAD, hands down, beats our competition.

  1. AviCAD uses the AutoCAD® drawing file type as it’s native format. Every time you open and save a drawing it is always in DWG format.
  2. AViCAD is just like AutoCAD®. All the menus, commands and shortcuts are all the same. So if your an existing AutoCAD® user there is practically nothing to learn.
  3. We’ve also included a full suite of process flow engineering tools called Mech-Q {pronounced mek-que}, You’ll receive mechanical, HVAC, Piping and Structural utilities which integrate into the pulldowns. Mech-Q is valued at a thousand dollars but with AViCAD you get them at no additional cost.
  4. AViCAD contains tools you just wont find in AutoCAD® LT such as the Express Tools and 3D modeling and rendering. Plus other tools you just wont find when comparing it to other packages such as AutoCAD® and TurboCAD for example.
  5. In addition to the process flow engineering tools, AViCAD also includes an Architectural utility which creates walls, windows and doors, plus the CAD software also integrates with Google Earth and Publishes to PDF for easy collaboration.
  6. We have local Free tech support for 60 days after placing your order. If needed we can extend this at a very affordable price. We also offer free remote installation if needed.
  7. AViCAD can be used in a small office or a large office environment. We offer both single licenses and network site. For corporate offices we have a site wide solution as well.
  8. The entire CAD package can be customized to your office standards. This includes our engineering tools as well. For example our engineering package allows you to implement your layer and color standards to each object before they are inserted into your drawing. In addition AViCAD allows you to run custom LISP routines and Script files as needed.
  9. This is a biggy! AViCAD really will save you money. Compare our packages with AutoCAD® LT which have far less features but is is 3 times the price of AViCAD. Or compare AViCAD with AutoCAD® which is close to 8 times the cost of our software.
  10. AViCAD is free for the first 30 days – just to try it out, there are no strings attached to this. Try it out before you buy, we think your agree it’s a great solution at an incredible price.

Feel free to call us at 888-271-7121 8-5 M-F Pacific time or email us at we’d be happy to answer any question you may have.