Recent updates to AViCAD

We are happy to announce that AViCAD 2022 is now available! It’s a true work horse with added reliability and increased performance. We continue to offer unparalleled compatibility (no DWG file conversion required) with AutoCAD® and Direct Modeling using it’s built-in native .dwg format.

Recently added in AViCAD

  •  Compatible with the latest AutoCAD® DWG + supports earlier file versions.
  •  Reads and writes standard DWF 2D/3D files faster than ever before.
  •  Supports the latest Windows 10 release and earlier Windows versions.
  •  New Tool Palettes added.
  •  New Block Editor (_BEDIT command).
  •  New Blocks Palette with drag and drop support.
  •  Print 3d Hidden Silhouette for clean 3D prints using Hidden Visual Style.
  •  Xref Notify: the control of updated or missing Xrefs.
  •  Construction Line Command Similar to the infinite line in 3D space.
  •  Digital signatures to .dwg files: a digital signature certifies the author of a file.
  •  New Express Tools: Texts Align, Automated Dimensions, Reorganize Dimensions.
  •  Property Panel Tree: the new selection control to view selected entities in a tree list.
  •  Digital signatures to .dwg files: a digital signature certifies the author of a file.
  •  Specified angle in the three-dimensional space and extending to infinity in both directions.
  •  Properties local editing ( highlighting/modifications based on the tree selection). Publish restyling: the redesigned user interface; new features in the print settings.
  •  Custom Folders preset: adding of your most frequently used folders to the open/save dialog. Quick access to your disks/network.
  •  Formula in Tables: table cells can contain formulas that do calculations related to the values in other table cells.
  •  SysVarMonitor: monitoring of a list of system variables with notifications sent when some variable on the list is modified.
  •  Improved PDF export with more options available, such as making exported text searchable, the DPI setting for exported images and hatches, hyperlinks export, linearized .pdf files, and more.
  •  Support for BIM file types: import/attach IFC and Revit® files as underlays (.rvt/.rfa,ifc file types). Use with RVTPANE command to open the Categories pane for visibility control.
  •  Improved support of PointCloud with ReCAP files (.rcp/.rcs).

And much more!


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Since 2010, AViCAD has offered high-quality CAD software with distinctive AutoCAD-like features and similar commands and toolbars.

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Just like AutoCAD, AViCAD Pro also has a major release beginning of each year. Users who are on a maintenance plan are eligible for a free upgrade.

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AViCAD 2022 has even more features and faster performance. Mech-Q Suite is also included. Get it now.